Michael Zomber; a history and antique armor expert

Michael Zomber is a man of many passions and interests, but it is his love for history that has given his the celebrity status.

He has been in the business of collecting antique arms and also armors for the last 40 years. His experience in the matter has gained him respect from other historians and created a great reputation. In many different times, Michael has shared his experience with different channels including the History channels.

He has been recognized on the international front for his knowledge on the Japanese Samurai swords.

He has shared his experience in other ways like writing books. He has written different books that tell of different tales. His different history novels that include; Shogun Iemitsu, Jesus and the Samurai which explains the link between the Christianity and the traditional samurai virtues, sweet Betsy that’s me, Park Avenue which is an account of the world art auctions and the soul of Kentucky.

There are other books that are waiting to be published like the Soul of Samurai a story of Newtonian and Einstein journey in the physics world.

In September 2016, Michael zomber came across a Bowie Knife which is believed to have been used to assassinate John Brown. This is a great artifact that shaped history. When asked about the rumors about a possibility of him writing a book about John Brown, he neither confirmed nor denied rumors. He only responded by saying that the knife inspired him.

It is not the only history that he has been involved in. He has participated in different philanthropic works. Most of his philanthropy works are based on his love and passion for peace and conflict resolution. The different organizations that he has been involved in include; global exchange and organization that is focused on social, economic and environmental, Amnesty International, Randolph Bourne Institute, UNICEF, the Disabled American Veterans, The smile train, Doctors without Borders and Get Lits.

In 1998, together with his wife Andrea they established the Renascent films. This film house has been involved in the distribution of La Cucaracha. They have also produced a documentary under the Soul of Samurai.

Hussain Sajwani Strengthening Ties With the United States


Hussain Sajwani is considered to be one of the most successful men in the United Arab Emerites. His success stems from his background in education within the United States and his ability to take small companies and scale them into global economic forces. His achievements range from being a successful CEO to undergoing real estate deals with the most powerful man in the world, Donald Trump.


The Business Evolution of Hussain

His skills and the skills of businessmen who are consistently developing the Mideast make him a must watch on the global radar. What are exactly Sajwani’s greatest achievements? Examining his deals with DAMAC and GASCO is a great way in which to gain insight into a man who has set his sights on the future of business and never looked back.


The Success of DAMAC

One of Sajwani’s greatest accomplishments, DAMAC started within the Mideast as a catering company that specialized to work with businesses across the globe. His work with DAMAC has allowed Sajwani to expand his ownership within the company to be roughly 85% thus allowing his worth to skyrocket upwards of 3.5 billion dollars and with the company itself being worth and estimated 4 billion dollars. DAMAC has allowed Sajwani to take his skills involved with capital investment and business trade to higher levels, establishing himself as the premier businessman in all the United Arab Emirates.


Strengthening Relationships With the U.S.

Believing in the art of the deal Sajwani has struck up many business deals in real estate with American President Donald Trump. At the time of his real estate expansion, Donald Trump was looking forward to going big and expanding in the UAE as he had heard there was a growing market there. Sajwani looking forward to making closer relations to United States businessmen and hence strengthen bonds, seized the moment and struck a real estate deal that would historically create a stronger relationship between himself and the now President Trump, in this way poising the UAE to be in better negotiation positions with the U.S..

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