Wine Investing Is Made Easy Through UKV PLC

What Is UKV PLC And What Do They Do?

UKV PLC is a British wine consulting and brokerage firm. They are incorporated in Surrey, England and have a branch in London. The company is made up of a team of wine appraisers, brokers and consultants.

For the person looking to invest in wine, UKV PLC offers the investor all of the services they would need in order to make a successful investment in wine. The company offers wine storage for investors of wine in a secure, insured and climate controlled warehouse in England. This secure, insured and climate controlled storage solution is offered via a partner of UKV PLC and the wine investment can also be bonded to make it tax exempt.

Besides storage for wines for both personal consumption and investment, UKV PLC is a broker that has access to some of the world’s most exclusive stocks of wine. The company also has connections with other wine brokers and collectors who are looking to sell vintage wines at market prices. You will be hard pressed to find a better partner to help you locate a specific vintage or rare wine for your own personal wine collection or to add to your wine investment portfolio.

For the person looking to sell wines, UKV PLC can act as a personal broker, that will sell wines on your behalf to other collectors or investors. Or, if you are looking to sell any vintage wines you may have, UKV PLC can buy them from you and offer you a fair market price. All wines that are going to be sold to or by UKV PLC will need to be appraised first to determine authenticity and quality.

These are just some of the wines that can be obtained through UKV PLC. Bourdeux, Burgundy, Champagne, Spanish and Italian wines are currently being sold. You can browse the selection of wines at UKV PLC official website or contact them at 0207 4718030.

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Julie Zuckerberg And The Importance Of Talent Acquisition

Some people work to have it all. Nowadays, being young is no impediment to being a multi-tasking, highly demanded professional. When it comes to the finance market recruiting scene, Julie Zuckerberg is the go-to professional for big companies when looking for a new talent to fill the posts in global companies.


The services of external professionals are used by prudent companies for legal, accounting and other special needs. Executive Recruiters should be seen in the same way: as specialists who have the ability to identify the best candidates to fill important positions within the company. Executive Recruiters provide confidentiality, an extensive network of contacts, objectivity in candidate evaluation, and negotiation expertise. Julie Zuckerberg has over ten years of experience and has escalated the corporate ladder since her days in the New York-Brooklyn College, and the New York Law School.


She started her professional career in Hudson as recruiter, where she then went on to the Citi Group as a Vice President and recruiter, before going on to the New York Life Insurance Company, where, she drove the transactions and advancement of complex employment offers including value buyouts, varied honors, movement, and clawbacks. Throughout her professional career, she has maintained the philosophy that the right person in the right position can be a vital asset in the success of a company. She is also a firm believer in constant training and updating; she is a coach to her team and a leader when it comes to managing human resources.


Currently, she is working in Deutsche Bank as the Head of talent acquisition, where she is putting her best abilities to work. She joined in 2015 and had quickly climbed the professional ladder. She works together with business pioneers from the private sector and global companies to drive worldwide ability obtaining methodologies and process change. Julie plays an extensive variety of roles and heads diverse duties as the Head of Talen Acquisition, going from business administration to recruitment and from customer administration to guaranteeing best practices in enrollment administration inside the organization. Additionally, she leads managing groups and coaches her team on the best new practices for companies in the financial industry.


She understands that people are the most important assets of a company. They can make or break the fortunes of a business. Executive Recruiters can deliver to the right people for today’s highly competitive business environment. Also, she has had the opportunity to work with top-notch recruiters and executives, serving as great mentors for improvement and assessment of knowledge and new training of the current state of the headhunting scene. On top of her professional performance, she is an avid amateur photographer, a runner and is engaged in social action with causes like animal welfare as well as civil and human rights. With active social profiles, Julie Zuckerberg stays on top of the scene, also organizing conferences and coaching sessions for people in and out of the industry, seeking a better effectiveness of such a competitive market.

The Growth of the Reputation Management Industry

As the internet has become more accessible to regions around the world, more and more individuals have access to not only goods and services, but also have access to information and to reviews and comments about these provided goods and services. As the internet has expanded, another industry has continued to grow at an exponential rate in order to help grow the small to medium-size businesses around the world world. This industry is the online reputation management industry that protects the reputations from negative comments or reviews that can often plague a growing business. The online reputation management industry has increased in demand over the past several decades and has become a necessity for not only businesses, but also individuals who are constantly in the eye of the public. Of the many online reputation management industries that have continued to expand, one company in particular has become the favorite among thousands of individuals and businesses all over the world. This company is known as Status Labs.

Status Labs not only offers excellent and creative solutions to promote a business reputation as well as the reputation of an individual, but also works hard to make sure that the customer service is of the best quality. With offices that are located in both North America as well as in South America, Status Labs is a company that is easily accessible and has already helped over 1,500 clients in 35 different countries. The management team at Status Labs works hard to combine the media and human interaction to make the best possible solution.

The current leader of Status Labs is a man who is well known and well respected within the online marketing industry. This individual is Darius Fisher who has brought innovation to the marketing industry. In recent news, Darius Fisher has been recognized for his achievement by becoming the recipient of the Business Development Individual of the year award, an award that is only given to the most creative and innovative individual within the marketing industry. With this award, Darius Fisher hopes to expand the reputation of his marketing company around the world.