Lacey and Larkin Use the Frontera Fund to Support the People of Arizona

Human rights are generally thought of as the essential fundamental rights that encompassthe right to enjoy life in comfortable environment and acceptance.

These rights cover the right to live, access education, be protected from torture and the indifferences that arise from having different cultural backgrounds. Most of the rights stem to civil rights. Although factual, these rights are considered as necessities to human existence.


The history of human rights roots from the World War II when Jews experienced firsthand intolerance from the Nazis, the then rulers. Having been tortured and assassinated by the rulers, there was the need for peaceful initiations by the government as well as the societies surrounding these governments.

That is why in 1984, there was a general assembly by the United Nations. This assembly held a meeting with the agenda of adopting the universal laws of human appreciation and acceptance.

What is more, there was the incorporation of the public declaration of what is now termed as the human as well as civil rights. This declaration cemented the foundation by providing written policies on humanity and fair treatment.


Civil and human rights are interrelated. These are rights that humans have the pleasure to enjoy by virtue of being citizens in a certain nation. A good example is in America where there is a civil rights protection organization, to specifically ensure that the constitution includes the rights of citizens to the policies.

Civil rights offer a series of protective clauses to citizens. From discrimination, due process, freedom of speech and equal protection, civil rights can be defined as an agreement that binds the state, nation as well as a country with citizens. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia


The birth of human and civil rights movement brought forth the beginning of foundations as well as organizations that support the well being of humans. Groups that supported feminism in America and Africa converged to appreciate women by supporting their well being.

The movement vastly transformed into an activism project that worked round the clock to protect humanity. As such, an organization like the Open Society Foundations was established. Owned by the prominent political activist George Soros, this foundation works with over 200 organizations that support human as well as civil rights.

Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations was established in 1979. Vastly growing into an organization that is dedicated to appropriate governance and leadership, this foundation has supported humanity in multiple ways. The implementation of supportive governance that accommodates different cultures is perhaps the peak of this foundation.

 Frontera Fund

In October 2007, Michael Lacey was arrested with Jim Larkin in a case that blew the whistle against Sherriff Joe Arpaio. Stating that the duo had committed a crime against an ongoing case, it was established the Joe Arpaio had been unfair to many in the police department.

Through their articles at Village Voice Media, Lacey and Larkin highlighted the sad tales of events that coupled mistreatment and injustice. Lacey and Mike were later released and rewarded a case settlement of $ 3.7 million. The two business partners donated the funds to Frontera Fund, an initiative that commits to helping immigrants and the less fortunate in Arizona.