The President of WAX, Malcolm Casselle and the Future of the Company

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a platform that allows people to take part in virtual game assets marketplace. WAX creates marketplaces and reduces transaction costs for games that were previously impossible to fractionalize player profits and transfer assets. WAX also enables in-game items tokenization. With tokenization, ownership of virtual assets is enabled. Moreover, tokenization enables the creation of new and more accessible economy which can be expanded into physical assets. Tokenizing assets faces some big challenges including establishing how to keep an eye on tokens on the blockchain to ensure that they stay tied to their asset. With WAX’s governance approach, token holders are able to create a regulatory oversight themselves.

The process of virtual asset exchange is conducted through Transfer Agents, rating systems, and Guilds. The reputation of the Guilds is affected if Transfer Agents are unable to carry out their duties. If Guilds fail to take the necessary action against low-performing Transfer Agents, they are not re-elected by token holders. This measure guarantees WAX tokens connection to their virtual asset. Through governance decentralization and modernizing delivery operations, Guilds will dedicate themselves to regulatory oversight by monitoring ownership and items authentication in the future. On the other hand, Transfer Agents will specialize on asset delivery.

About Malcolm Casselle

Presently, Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of OPSkins and President of WAX. OPSkins is a leading marketplace for selling and purchasing items from video games online. Previously, Malcolm Casselle worked at tronc as CTO and President where he oversaw rapid growth properties leverage digital assets. At some point, Malcolm Casselle worked at SeaChange Int’l where he was GM and SVP of Digital Media. He also worked at Timeline Labs as Chief Executive Officer.

For many years, Mr. Casselle has held executive positions in leading digital industry startups such as MediaPass, Xfire, and Tencent. Malcolm Casselle is an active investor in major companies such as Zynga and Facebook. Additionally, he is a co-founder of a publicly traded telecom headquartered in Hong Kong known as PCCW. Presently, PCCW is valued at $35 billion. Malcolm Casselle holds Computer Science degrees from Stanford University and MIT. He can fluently speak Mandarin and Japanese.

Dr. David Samadi Consultations On Prostate Cancer

One of the most renowned urologic oncologist and prostate cancer surgeon, Dr. David Samadi, decided to hold live shows to help patients. He offers free consultations to men who are diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi provides crucial information regarding the detection of the chronic illness by educating people about its early symptoms. Dr. David has been awarded and recommended by many organizations because of his devoted fight against Prostate Cancer.

The rate at which prostate cancer is affecting men is increasing day by day. According to Dr. David Samadi, Prostate cancer can affect all men including the youth. This is contrary to what many people believe. In his advice, Dr. Samadi enlightens people about methods of combating prostate cancer. He emphasizes the importance of improved treatment and early diagnosis. The combination of the two techniques has reduced the prognosis rate of prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi advices his clients to get a second opinion from other doctors before making their final decisions. Samadi decided to host the consultations to help patients make better choices, after they are diagnosed with the disease. Dr. Samadi reviews the medical records, family support and treatment options. He helps the family and the patient to settle for a mutually beneficial solution.

About Dr. Samadi

Doctor David works at Lenox Hill Hospital as the Chief Surgeon of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology. He is the Chairperson of American Urologic Association. Dr. David Samadi is a professional in laparoscopic and open surgery. He has intensive knowledge regarding prostate surgery.

Dr. Samadi is a very dedicated and compassionate professional who understands his patients. He focuses on early detection of prostate cancer, diagnosis and the appropriate treatment. He is the most recognized surgeons in that field. His mission is to create public awareness regarding prostate cancer. This is because the illness is the second highest cause of death, of males, in the US.

Doctor David Samadi attended Roslyn High School. He later joined the State University of New York where he graduated with a Bachelor`s Degree in Biochemistry. In 2000, he enrolled for a training on prostate testicular and bladder cancer. The training took place at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre.

By 2007, Doctor David Samadi had succeeded in modifying the advanced robot technique. He has received several awards as one of the best doctors in the world. Dr. Samadi has been a top consultant, in the U.S., for the past 10 years.

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USHEALTH Advisors: why you should become a sales agent

UShealth advisor is an affiliate company of the UShealth Group. The company deals with providing insurance coverage. The Company offers the services to individuals in America and the self-employed individuals. Small sized business persons and other dependents have got assistance from the company.

UShealth is dedicated to providing a lasting healthcare assistance for the individuals in their operation states. For over 35 years the company has been providing high-quality insurance for the persons in need.

They have different products guaranteeing them to serve all persons. The diversification of the services will ensure that all persons a have services they require. Read more: @USHADVISORS

The best thing about the company is that the company provides innovative compensation for an advanced portion commission. It’s an essential move for the agents who wish to earn more.

The committee will serve to increase the income that is generated monthly. The company provides more opportunity for additional revenue. Learn more about US Advisor:

In addition to the commission, as an agent, you are entitled to get a higher support for the policyholders. The company has a customer support criteria that offers accurate and prompt questions that are of great interest in claims and the policy.

The company is always on an improvement of the portal. It will ensure that the customers get instant and high-quality service assistance. It is in line with the company’s mission of serving the customers better.

Other benefits

As an agent, you are guaranteed to have a bonus for the assistance. The qualification criteria for the rewards are comfortable and affordable making the whole venture lucrative as each client has an attached gifts. Also, you will get the development and progress of the affairs.

USHealth has many sales centered service. It’s clear that the company have a high priority for the sales workforce. Deciding to work for them will guarantee you a handsome income which makes the representative has a better salary.

If planning the best well paying job, consider developing it with the UShealth Company. You will soon be entitled to earn more income. Join the team and realize your potential. Soon you will be enjoying profits like the rest.

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Oxford Club Gives Information on How To Prepare For Crashes in the Market

People who are experienced in the stock market know that there are times when the market crashes. The market crash can be one of the most devastating experiences for people who are into stocks. One article written by an expert from The Oxford Club describes the 1987 market crash. One thing that he has pointed out is that there is no particular event that has sparked it. This shows that the market is very unpredictable as well as fragile. It is important for people to keep their eyes on everything and prepare for a potential market crash.

There are a few things that the expert from the Oxford Club points out about investors. One thing that is a trait of a good investor is that he is not a reactive investor. In other words, he does not wait and react to a certain event, he prepares for it. This can be said for a market crash. The investor does not react to the crash, but works in anticipation of the crash. This makes it less likely for the investor to experience a significant and devastating loss to his capital.

One of the common issues that new investors face is that they often start off with very little knowledge. This doesn’t have to be the case. For people who are looking to find a way to make some significant income as an entrepreneur and investor, there is The Oxford Club which is an international network of entrepreneurs that is meant to help people reach their financial goals. Among other things they help with is financial management. Making and saving money are very important things. An entrepreneur that can make money but is not good at saving money is going to have similar struggles to people who are having trouble making money.

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Siteline Cabinetry- A Leader in Kitchen Design Innovation

The kitchen is an important room in the house because it is used for family reunions. House cabinets in the kitchen should be customized as most memories are made in this room. Siteline Cabinetry sells good-looking cabinets at a reasonable cost. Cabinets are made according to the customer’s needs. Kitchen cabinets are a crucial feature for homebuyers and homebuilders. Shaker style cabinets are still a current style due to their technological improvements, despite their plainness. Personalized cabinets satisfy the daily needs and tastes of customers. Many cabinet options that are high in tech are offered by Siteline Cabinetry. Functional cabinet designs are to be considered by customers. The flexibility for long-run use is offered by subtle and clean line cabinet designs. Horizontal cabinets have more space than the typical rectangular cabinets, which need need to be stacked. The full-access cabinets from Siteline do not require frames for support.

Siteline Cabinetry was established in 2015 by Pat Corsi, founder of The Corsi Group. The Corsi Group began its operations in July 16,1973. There are 200 Siteline employees spread out in three locations: Keysville, Indianapolis, and Elkins. The newest Siteline location is in Keysville, Virginia. Keysville was chosen by The Corsi Group because it has a good pool of experienced workers in furniture. The original manufacturing plant is Indianapolis, Indiana. The cabinet manufacturing operation was opened in Elkins, West Virginia in 2000.

Homeowners can pick from over 270 materials and finishes (i.e. metal door finishes, high-gross acrylic, thermofoil finishes, polyester wrap finishes, thermally fused laminate finishes). Siteline’s projects can be completed in weeks, unlike other contractors who complete projects in months.

Siteline is one of the cabinet manufacturers that has come up with new ways to store specific things. Having storage areas for one thing helps with space optimization. So, accessories are integrated into the kitchen. For instance, there are drawers for pots, pans, bread, tablets, cell phones, and utensils. Private sales and training representatives are employed by Siteline to help the brand thrive throughout the big U.S. markets. These reps train partners at Siteline showrooms in product design and marketing techniques.

Securus Technology Achievements under Rick Smith

Rick Smith is an experienced, well-educated man with a position of chief executive officer at Securus technology. The technology company provides social Technologies used for public safety. Securus Company founded in the year 1986 with its subsidiaries locating in various cities in Texas such as Carrollton and Allen, and Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies is a United States prison technology company that headquarters Dallas, Texas. Richard started working on the position since the year 2008.

Securus Technology is bound to serve and connect by providing emergency response to public safety. The company workforce has more than one thousand people. Securus have contracts with more than 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States and over 2000 correctional facilities in Canada. Besides, the company has over three thousand public safeties, law enforcement and corrections agencies and over one million prisoners across North America.

The Securus technology company launched a method used to command smuggling phones. Over the years, Securus managed access solutions received over five departments of correction facilities approval. In addition to the company’s success, Securus partnered with Harris Corporation on Cell Defender technology. In 2017, Securus technology declared the launch of its Wireless Containment Solution, developed in order, to prevent smuggling phones from connecting to mobile networks.

Additionally, under rick smith reign, a lot of developments and recognitions have taken place in the company. Securus technologies have invested over 2000 facilities with an approximate of 600 million dollars in serving and investment. One of the Securus most significant competitors in the industry has been Global Tel Link. However, Securus lead by rolling out more products and services. Securus always top due to its highly trained call center employees. Under Rick Smiths leadership, Securus patents have been cited the most significant VOIP Corrections calling machinery in the world.

Rick Smith is a well rounded educated man. He went to Rochester Institute of Technology, where he graduated with an associate’s degree. Rick later moved to the State University of New York, Buffalo, and he acquired both bachelors and masters degree in engineering. He advanced his studies at the University of Rochester’s Simon School for an MBA. Rick began his career by working at Global Crossing North America Inc., starting with roles such as a controller and chief information officer.

In addition to Mr. Rick accomplishments, he has held various positions of authority, contributing to a good measure of success in several organizations. He also headed Eschelon Telecom Inc as the chief financial officer before becoming the president. At Midwest Telephone Operations, Mr. Rick served as the company’s vice president. He also worked as a Business Development Executive, Director and Vice President of Finance for Network Plant Operations. Smith also affiliates with other organization boards such as the Integra Telecom Co Ltd.

Amicus Therapeutics Biopharmaceutical

The inspiring and unique fact about Amicus Therapeutics and their pursuits is that they global biotechnology company that is focused on rare and orphan diseases. Rare diseases, of course, are those diseases which affect a small percentage of the overall population. Orphan diseases are types of rare diseases whose rarity status means there is not enough funding to find treatments for them.

More common diseases receive endless amounts of funding and research and in many cases, these diseases find cures and/or treatments (ReleaseFact). However, rare diseases because of their minority status receive less funding and attention and therefore often these diseases and those that are the ill-fated infected recipients are left without cures and/or treatment. Amicus Therapeutics has a product development focus on enzyme replacement therapy. Enzyme replacement therapy is a type of treatment whose aim to replace an enzyme that is lacking in the body ( Amicus Therapeutics is based in Cranbury, New Jersey and several years ago opened a second site in San Diego, California. The company became a publicly traded company in 2007 being traded under the symbol FOLD. Amicus Therapeutics has many positive patient stories. For example, one man who entered the hospital with severe breathing difficulty and was afterward misdiagnosed with Polymyositis.

Subsequently, he was correctly diagnosed with a rare disease known as Pompe. This patient became the first in the world with his condition to receive a diaphragm pacing system which allows him to breathe on his own and return to his family. Such patients and their unique stories and the support they receive from Amicus Therapeutics are beacons of light which help to illuminate a dark sea of mystery and fear, and shine hope so that others may find a brighter tomorrow.

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The Looming Threat To Your Personal Cyber Security

Personal cyber security is being threatened more than ever before.


In May of 2017, WannaCry ransomware attacked over 300,000 computers and other devices on a global scale. It is known as one of the worst cyber attacks in modern times ( Organizations are being called to tighten their personal cyber security measures, in order to protect people’s finances, computers, and sensitive information. Politicians and elections are also being threatened by potential breaches in cyber security.


As someone who knows the consequences of being hacked, I choose Rubica to protect my personal cyber security.


Rubica is a modern, advanced app with a 24/7 team to keep you protected from cyber attacks and threat of ransomware. Rubica monitors your data across all of your devices and shows you instantly updated activity graphs of your data and cyber usage (Twitter). Rubica provides analysis in real-time from a team of dedicated experts in order to keep your sensitive information out of the hands of cyber criminals.


Eli Gershkovitch and Steamworks Brewery: Pioneers in Canadian Craft Beer

Eli Gershkovitch is a Canadian Craft Beer entrepreneur and founder of the Steamworks Brew Pub in the Vancouver neighborhood of Gastown. From its humble beginnings as a single brewpub with less than 200 seats, Steamworks has grown now is an internationally known brand that is sold internationally.


Steamworks Brew Pub was founded in a historic building in the Gastown neighborhood of Vancouver, famous for its steam clock that is operated by a steam engine. Steamworks Brew Pub was opened in 1995 after 14 months of legal wrangling as well as a local referendum. Eli Gershkovitch used his experience as a lawyer working in Vancouver to help guide the process along. After finally getting permission from the local liquor control board, he was able to start producing craft beers on-site at his steam-powered brewery.


Once the Steamworks Brewery took off, Eli Gershkovitch realized that he either had to decide to stay small or expand, stating that, “You grow to meet demand or demand shrinks to meet you.” Because of that belief, Steamworks has been able to increase the size of its production, leading in 2013 to opening a full-scale brewery in order to meet the international demand (MontrealGazette).


In addition to the Steamworks Brew Pub, Eli Gershkovitch was able to open a restaurant in the neighboring building, Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar.


Eli Gershkovitch started his career as an attorney but after sampling Belgian beer in 1987 during a trip to Europe, he knew that his passion and career was going to be in producing quality beer.


Canadian Craft Beer may have been pioneered by people like Eli Gershkovitch, but over the past 20 years, it has grown into a large industry. Breweries such as Propeller Brewing Company out of Nova Scotia, Pump House Brewery from Moncton, Quebec Breweries Unibroue and McAuslan, Muskoka Brewery from Bracebridge, Ontario, and the award-winning Cameron’s Brewing Co. from Oakville, Ontario are all turning out creative, delicious beers ( For beer lovers in Canada, now is a great time to be alive, as the quality and selection of beer has never been as plentiful as it is now.



How Osteo Relief Clinic Helps People Mitigate Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Osteoarthritis is a quite common condition that people suffer from, especially woman. It is a degenerative joint disease that results in the cartilage between bones breaking down so that the bones rub against each other. This results in pain as well as stiffness and swelling. There are no cures for this disease but there are ways to mitigate the pain and help people continue to enjoy their lives.

One company that provides a relief from Osteoarthritis is Osteo Relief Institute. Founded in June of 2012, this New Jersey-based company uses the latest technology and medical practices to help people who chronically suffer from these types of diseases in a number of locations. Each office’s staff is made up of board-certified physicians and physical therapists with years of experience in the industry.

Each Osteo Relief Institute office is independently owned and operated ( It has office nationally and has helped thousands of patients deal with Osteoarthritis. The goal of this company is to help patients avoid, or at least delay, a surgical response to their disease. For those patients who qualify for their services, they will be provided an all-natural Visco supplementation program. This program helps painful joints and lessens the severity of the comfort that people feel.

At Osteo Relief Institute they only use technology that has been FDA approved. This means that the treatments they provide are both safe and effective. The most common area for people to feel Osteoarthritis is on their knees (Blog). This company helps people deal with this in a number of ways beyond their all natural relief. They also show people how to effectively exercise so that they don’t do further damage to their joints.

As the team at Osteo Relief Institute knows, many people get to retirement age and then hope to be able to do all of the things they had dreamt of during their lives while still working. Unfortunately for too many that dream can be difficult to accomplish if they are suffering from Osteoarthritis. The team at Osteo Relief Institute can help them recapture this dream by providing ways of dealing with this disease so that these people can get back to their dreams.