Oxford Club Gives Information on How To Prepare For Crashes in the Market

People who are experienced in the stock market know that there are times when the market crashes. The market crash can be one of the most devastating experiences for people who are into stocks. One article written by an expert from The Oxford Club describes the 1987 market crash. One thing that he has pointed out is that there is no particular event that has sparked it. This shows that the market is very unpredictable as well as fragile. It is important for people to keep their eyes on everything and prepare for a potential market crash.

There are a few things that the expert from the Oxford Club points out about investors. One thing that is a trait of a good investor is that he is not a reactive investor. In other words, he does not wait and react to a certain event, he prepares for it. This can be said for a market crash. The investor does not react to the crash, but works in anticipation of the crash. This makes it less likely for the investor to experience a significant and devastating loss to his capital.

One of the common issues that new investors face is that they often start off with very little knowledge. This doesn’t have to be the case. For people who are looking to find a way to make some significant income as an entrepreneur and investor, there is The Oxford Club which is an international network of entrepreneurs that is meant to help people reach their financial goals. Among other things they help with is financial management. Making and saving money are very important things. An entrepreneur that can make money but is not good at saving money is going to have similar struggles to people who are having trouble making money.

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Eli Gershkovitch and Steamworks Brewery: Pioneers in Canadian Craft Beer

Eli Gershkovitch is a Canadian Craft Beer entrepreneur and founder of the Steamworks Brew Pub in the Vancouver neighborhood of Gastown. From its humble beginnings as a single brewpub with less than 200 seats, Steamworks has grown now is an internationally known brand that is sold internationally.


Steamworks Brew Pub was founded in a historic building in the Gastown neighborhood of Vancouver, famous for its steam clock that is operated by a steam engine. Steamworks Brew Pub was opened in 1995 after 14 months of legal wrangling as well as a local referendum. Eli Gershkovitch used his experience as a lawyer working in Vancouver to help guide the process along. After finally getting permission from the local liquor control board, he was able to start producing craft beers on-site at his steam-powered brewery.


Once the Steamworks Brewery took off, Eli Gershkovitch realized that he either had to decide to stay small or expand, stating that, “You grow to meet demand or demand shrinks to meet you.” Because of that belief, Steamworks has been able to increase the size of its production, leading in 2013 to opening a full-scale brewery in order to meet the international demand (MontrealGazette).


In addition to the Steamworks Brew Pub, Eli Gershkovitch was able to open a restaurant in the neighboring building, Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar.


Eli Gershkovitch started his career as an attorney but after sampling Belgian beer in 1987 during a trip to Europe, he knew that his passion and career was going to be in producing quality beer.


Canadian Craft Beer may have been pioneered by people like Eli Gershkovitch, but over the past 20 years, it has grown into a large industry. Breweries such as Propeller Brewing Company out of Nova Scotia, Pump House Brewery from Moncton, Quebec Breweries Unibroue and McAuslan, Muskoka Brewery from Bracebridge, Ontario, and the award-winning Cameron’s Brewing Co. from Oakville, Ontario are all turning out creative, delicious beers (https://about.me/eligershkovitch). For beer lovers in Canada, now is a great time to be alive, as the quality and selection of beer has never been as plentiful as it is now.



Glen Wakeman: A Market Strategist and Mentor

Being a successful businessman requires skill and determination. With Glen Wakeman, this is all part of his life. Born in 1968 Glen Wakeman has grown to become one of the world’s major business people to reckon with. He is a mentor, entrepreneur, and business revolutionary. His extensive work ranges from development of M&As, the creation of new performance methodologies and guidance for startups. Glen Wakeman is the founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015, which is a SAAS corporation, which develops business software to help startups find business planning services online.


Glen Wakeman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago (Slideshare). After graduation, he began a successful career in at GE Capital as the P&L and business development personnel. He later moved to Doral Financial Corporation where he grew to the position of CEO and President of the Company and Board Chairman of Doral Bank. Glen founded Nova Four which gave him recognition as a Growth Leader and role model.


Well-known for his proven five-step methodology, Glen focuses on risk management, leadership power, human capital and business execution. As a successful mentor and writer, Glen Wakeman has inspired others in a great way on matters of fiscal economics and administrative strategies (http://inspirery.com/glen-wakeman/).


Having lived in six different countries, Glen has gained a lot of experience in emerging markets, divestitures and corporate governance making him a keen market strategist with insightful counsel. He has also run successful business operations in over 30 regional areas worldwide. Few executives can only match his reputation on developing accurate methodologies that work across different industries.


Glen Wakeman’s leadership in global business affairs is invaluable. He is a very active partaker in transformative business opportunities. His strategic advice on capital raising, international financing, and angel funding has seen him become a world business force. Glen is very passionate about business innovation, its development, and growth in the ever-changing global marketplace.


He believes that many business startups fail because of lack of proper structure around the business idea. To him, an idea is not a plan itself, and hence it needs to be built upon, hence the reason they started LaunchPad Holdings to help startups find their purpose and attain their goals.