How Does The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Help People?

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is an organization that was born out of injustice, and it works hard to help people who are oppressed by the government. This article explains how the fund is serving people, and there is a look at how Jim and Michael started it.

They will ensure that the fund is giving money to people who need it most, and they will find that there are many people who may request their services and support.

#1: How Did It Start?

The Frontera Fund started because these two men were embroiled in a fight for the freedom of speech and the press. They were arrested by Joe Arpaio without any reason, and they successfully sued him for millions of dollars.

They won their judgement, and they put the money back into the fund. They started the fund not long after their win, and they wanted to serve the people that they believe Arpaio oppresses.

#2: The Fund Helps Immigrants

There are many people who move across the southwest every year as migrant workers and they get jobs because this is the best place to find work. Someone who has concerns about how immigrants are treated may contact the Frontera Fund, and the migrant workers may request funds and services from the fund at any time. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

They work on helping migrants who have been treated poorly, and they will find that there are many people who need help because they have been harassed or abused by the police.

#3: Legal Services

The legal services that are offered by the Frontera Fund will ensure that someone will be protected if they are arrested or detained. These people will have a hard time getting past this event, and they need help from the Frontera Fund. Michael and Jim have a team of people who will help, and they send people to help these oppressed peoples every day.

#4: Why Is This Important?

The Frontera Fund is important for all those who wish to help others, and they will find that they may contact the fund if they have seen an injustice. Therefore many people who need these services, and they may need to have someone ask for them.

They will find that the legal team helps them move on from the original arrest, and they hope to spread information about immigrants that is accurate. Someone who wishes to help the charity may do so at any time, and they will find it is quite simple to serve at events and help them raise more money.

Michael and Jim believe that the state of Arizona will get much better if they are pushing for the public to get educated. The public has been given poor information about migrant workers and immigrants, and these people must be treated with respect. There are quite a few people who will find it easy to help, and there are others who wish to give because they want to see the Frontera Fund grow.

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