Lacey and Larkin Use the Frontera Fund to Support the People of Arizona

Human rights are generally thought of as the essential fundamental rights that encompassthe right to enjoy life in comfortable environment and acceptance.

These rights cover the right to live, access education, be protected from torture and the indifferences that arise from having different cultural backgrounds. Most of the rights stem to civil rights. Although factual, these rights are considered as necessities to human existence.


The history of human rights roots from the World War II when Jews experienced firsthand intolerance from the Nazis, the then rulers. Having been tortured and assassinated by the rulers, there was the need for peaceful initiations by the government as well as the societies surrounding these governments.

That is why in 1984, there was a general assembly by the United Nations. This assembly held a meeting with the agenda of adopting the universal laws of human appreciation and acceptance.

What is more, there was the incorporation of the public declaration of what is now termed as the human as well as civil rights. This declaration cemented the foundation by providing written policies on humanity and fair treatment.


Civil and human rights are interrelated. These are rights that humans have the pleasure to enjoy by virtue of being citizens in a certain nation. A good example is in America where there is a civil rights protection organization, to specifically ensure that the constitution includes the rights of citizens to the policies.

Civil rights offer a series of protective clauses to citizens. From discrimination, due process, freedom of speech and equal protection, civil rights can be defined as an agreement that binds the state, nation as well as a country with citizens. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia


The birth of human and civil rights movement brought forth the beginning of foundations as well as organizations that support the well being of humans. Groups that supported feminism in America and Africa converged to appreciate women by supporting their well being.

The movement vastly transformed into an activism project that worked round the clock to protect humanity. As such, an organization like the Open Society Foundations was established. Owned by the prominent political activist George Soros, this foundation works with over 200 organizations that support human as well as civil rights.

Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations was established in 1979. Vastly growing into an organization that is dedicated to appropriate governance and leadership, this foundation has supported humanity in multiple ways. The implementation of supportive governance that accommodates different cultures is perhaps the peak of this foundation.

 Frontera Fund

In October 2007, Michael Lacey was arrested with Jim Larkin in a case that blew the whistle against Sherriff Joe Arpaio. Stating that the duo had committed a crime against an ongoing case, it was established the Joe Arpaio had been unfair to many in the police department.

Through their articles at Village Voice Media, Lacey and Larkin highlighted the sad tales of events that coupled mistreatment and injustice. Lacey and Mike were later released and rewarded a case settlement of $ 3.7 million. The two business partners donated the funds to Frontera Fund, an initiative that commits to helping immigrants and the less fortunate in Arizona.

Dick DeVos: The Philanthrope Helping The State Of Michigan

Dick DeVos is one of the most well-known names in the corporate scene in America because he used to be the CEO of the multinational wellness and healthcare brand, Amway. He is the son of Richard DeVos, who founded the company. But besides the company, Dick DeVos is also known for another thing, philanthropy. He is considered to be one of the biggest charitable donors in the entire country and has donated millions of dollars to numerous organizations and people all over. Before taking over as the CEO of the company, Dick DeVos was working as the head of the international department of the company. When he took over as the CEO, international expansion was one of the main things that the company focused on, which is why the company is now operational in over fifty countries across the entire world.


Dick DeVos is also the husband of Betsy DeVos, the current education minister of the country. The two of them share their love for helping people and therefore decided to start up the DeVos Family Foundation, which was an organization to fund projects and individuals for the benefit of the society. The foundation has changed the lives of numerous people, which is exactly what Dick DeVos wanted to achieve with this.


Education is one of the most important aspects of the foundation, and with that in mind, Dick DeVos instilled in place an Education Fund for this purpose alone. The fund was established to help improve the quality of education that students receive in the country by helping educational institutions that want to progress. The foundation has also helped numerous gifted students, who want to be able to get a higher quality of education. Those who show exemplary talents and promise in their schools are given scholarships so that they can go on and attend better schools that would help them develop their skills better. Dick DeVos has always believed that private schools are better for children to grow since they have better infrastructure and has supported numerous institutions so that they can develop, and in turn, help the children attending them. The fund also provides scholarships to students who are passing out of Dick DeVos’ alma mater, and those who are completing their MBAs. These students are given grants so that they can start up businesses within the state of Michigan.


Dick DeVos has been instrumental in bringing about change to the state of Michigan with the numerous projects that they have funded. He has also helped the country with various environmental projects that have been focused on preserving the natural beauty that the state has. The foundation supports people who are working towards safekeeping the environment and protecting endangered species living there.


The Participation of Betsy DeVos in the United States Education Sector

Betsy DeVos is an individual who has made significant contributions to the American education system. She was nominated to act as the U.S secretary of education in the Trump administration. Betsy has been spearheading various policies that are devoted to bettering education in the country, and this has enabled her to acquire a wealth of experience. She is one of the senior administrators of the American Federation for Children (AFC). AFC is among the major learning institutions that have been devoted to improving the flawed American education system. The school stands out since it is flexible, and it offers an opportunity to the students to pursue subjects that match their career preference. Betsy’ campaigns have assisted millions of America children to join schools of their choice. Follow Betsy DeVos on

Mrs. DeVos believes that the existing system has various weaknesses and this includes limiting children to schools that are located within their ZIP codes. According to her, these schools may fail to meet the specific education needs of an individual. She has been using Kids Hope USA in nurturing and motivating students in elementary schools across the country.

Betsy DeVos has been working with her husband Dick DeVos in her philanthropic undertakings. The two have been assisting many schools across the country to reach their objectives. One of the major contributions of the couple to the community is establishing the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The publicly charted aviation college is regarded as the best in the region, and it was inspired by the passion that Dick DeVos has for aviation.

Apart from the tremendous contributions that Betsy DeVos has made to the education sector, she has also been vocal on the American political scene. In 1976, she was one of the people who volunteered to campaign for President Gerald R. Ford. This enabled her to acquire a lot of knowledge and experience in grassroots and resource mobilization. Betsy has also made significant contributions towards the Republican Party. She has served as a leader of party programs, political action committees, and also campaigns. Mrs. DeVos was also part of the Republican National Committee for about five years.

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Betsy resolved to campaign for educational choice after she got the first-hand experience on how low-income parents struggled to ensure that their children had a better education. She saw how these individuals struggled to pay for their children’s tuition fees, and this motivated her to be a philanthropist. She currently supports several children who study at the Potter’s House Christian School. The experience that Betsy has gained during her participation in the education sector has enabled her to understand the advantages of the education of choice. She is expected to use her position as the secretary of education to ensure that there is equality in the United States’ school system.

George Soros; A Man With A Non-Retractable Commitment Towards Charity And Democracy

George Soros is one of the distinguished billionaires who always strokes fat paychecks towards political campaign hopefuls of choice. In the 2016 presidential race between business mogul Donald Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton, George Soros did not shy away from displaying his political alignment with the Democrats’ candidate, Hillary Clinton. In fact, he donated over $25 million towards the Clinton campaign. His ideologies on the foundation of successful societies align with the ideas of Democrats. George Soros is known to be an avid supporter of open, just and progressive governments that observe human rights.

For eons, Soros has been a crusader for social justice and has facilitated various legal professionals in representing individuals who are unlawfully convicted or held by different jurisdictions. He goes on record as one of the biggest contributors to universal access to education, providing scholarships to a good number of students from disadvantaged or marginalized groups. Through his group of charities, he has been the face of nobility donating millions of dollars to independent organizations such as Global Witness and the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Now in his mid-80s, Soros is still going strong. His age has done nothing to weaken the ideals that renown scholar Karl Popper impacted in him. He is actively involved in the programs initiated by his brainchild, The Open Society Foundations, traveling far and wide with the message of progressive policies that can guide the prosperity of societies. Read more about George’s life story at

Throughout Soros’ career, one thing remained clear, his commitment towards initiating solutions that solve humanity’s greatest problems has been unwavering. He notes that his achievements in the financial markets have given him an inside look at how the world runs. This knowledge informs his very own independence. Having experienced life both worlds, Soros believes that every person deserves an equal opportunity at life.

Soros began his financial career on Wall Street after he emigrated to the US from the UK. He was fresh from the London School of Economics and bore a quest to be the best in his field. His name shot into the limelight in 1992 when George shorted the British Pound. He is revered as “the man who broke the Bank of England,” given that he made a profit of $1 billion in one day by speculating on the British Currency. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

At the peak of apartheid, George Soros took the personal initiative to provide scholarships to young black Africans who had fallen victims of the political struggles that came with apartheid. In the wake of the Trump administration, he came out strongly to shield minority groups that could be victims of the Trump’s divisive agenda.

George Soros’ career has been nothing less of commitment towards the common good and social justice.

Dick DeVos Opens Up On The Families Philanthopy Donations

The media’s obsession with the Devoses spans back many years. After all, the family has donated close to $140 million to various charitable courses they happen to be passionate about. Time and time, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has come under sharp criticism and attacks from mainly the Democrats.


The Devoses have used their powerful networks and immense wealth to change the charter school policies not only in their home state, Michigan but all over the nation as well. Speaking in a recent interview on Philanthropy Round Table, Betsy confessed how she and Dick were delighted by the incredible progress their programs made in the state of Florida since 2013.


Transparency is Paramount


To brush aside the cynicism of the naysayers, Dick and the family publicly revealed all the money they had given out to the Super PAC’s and the lobbyists in the last electioneering year. This was all part of their broader agenda to become more transparent and candid about their past, present, and future.


Forbes Magazine mostly renowned for listing the wealthiest cats of them all also has a list of the top charity givers. This list is populated by the likes of the Buffet’s, Gate’s, Zuckerberg’s and the Devoses. As of February 15, 2017, Forbes claimed the 24th place of the most charitable families in the world.


Pro-Choice Agenda


The bulk of the donations doled out by the DeVoses go into funding lunch voucher programs in private schools. Dick believes that the government has failed in addressing the needs and wants of students studying in private schools in the nation. The system is biased, and it only sees the interest of the public schooling system. Dick and the wife also believe that the American public school system is obsolete and parents ought to have choices in the schooling for their kids. Their children went to best private schools, and that’s among the major motivational aspects driving them to want to make a difference in the lives of others.


About Dick DeVos


Born Richard Marvin DeVos Jr on October 21st, 1955, Dick is a reformer at heart. Since way back in the early nineties, he and the wife, Betsy DeVos were already making a positive impact on something they felt passionante about: Private education system reforms. In 2006, Dick was one of the gubernatorial aspirants in Michigan. He was, however, taken out by Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat. Dick DeVos started working at his father’s software firm in 1974. He rose up the ranks to become Amway V.P by 1984. Dick DeVos heads various leading companies like Windquest Group and the Willow Creek Association.