More Leads to More

     Alexandre Gama got bachelor’s degrees in advertising and communications in 1982 – all from the wonderful Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Right after graduating, he worked for a small private copywriting agency, respectfully called Ogilvy and Mather. He was one of its greatest creative writers and copyeditors and was soon recognized for his distinguishable talents; he was promoted to a couple of other internal positions before leaving the company and starting anew with DM9 in 1990 – another experience that he claims he will forever remember, especially for its kind and welcoming staff.

He then rose to the ranks of CEO within the company, all before leaving it in 1990 to work for Young & Rubicon, which he later left in 1996 – after having been a CEO there. In 1999, he hit the magic spot, as they say, and Neogama commenced. Neogama is his best creation and his own company.