Copa Star Introduces a New Unit in Brazil with Personalized Treatment

A typical hospital in the medical sector would mean a dull environment for patients. That does not speak for this five star like a hospital, Copa Star, in Brazil. Copa Star was built with the needs of special high ranking patients in mind. Imagine an exclusively designed hospital with a designated geographical location for easy accessibility for all patients in Brazil. From a select group of trained professionals to a chef who has medical training, Copa Star Hospital has solved many problems for the Brazilians who had traveled all the way to Pessoa for treatment. From safety, agility to personalized care for patients, this hospital understands what every patient is going through. With that understanding, the physicians and nurses have managed to develop specific treatment therapies for different patients. Learn more on

New Unit

In 2016, Copa Star Hospital announced the development of a new hospital unit that would be a branch of Copa Star. The D’Or network unit was under construction and would be located in Copacabana. For patients to be admitted to the unit, they would have to be holders of health insurance. That was the set condition for treatment in the new unit. The hospital that would operate under Copa Star would be open as from mid-2016. With a holding capacity of 150 patients and 45 intensive care unit patients plus 105 apartments, the Copa Star Hospital was set to offer a differentiated treatment strategy for the people of Brazil. The high-ranking hospital would also provide nine operating rooms in addition to a diagnostic park. The diagnostic park would contain technological facilities with a title from Copa Star.


The modern architecture Copa Star features plus the decoration is pleasing to the eyes. Its compatibility with a five-star hotel is indescribable. According to the management of the project, they cup of Copa Star would have modern hospital equipment for revolutionary treatment. From bright operating rooms, neurosurgery and hybrid rooms, magnetic resonance equipment, the hospital would incorporate robotic medicine as well as telemedicine equipment to ease the treatment process.


State of the Art Technology

To ensure that the technology in the hospital was state of the art equipment, the FIFA Professionals were part of the team. According to the management of the team, the Star hospital would incorporate technology but also, trained practitioners in the team. Before the hospital was opened, the professionals were taken for two months training. This was done to hone their skills before reporting to work. With the integration of technology and trained staff, the people of Brazil can rest assured of proper treatment. It is evident that Hospital Copa Star has introduced a new medical landscape to the Brazilian health sector. For patients who are looking forward to receiving personalized treatment in Brazil, this is one of the best hospitals.