The Life And Noteworthy Accomplishments Of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a licensed attorney and a financial analyst based in New York. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Jurisprudence at the University of Oxford and a Master’s Degree in Law from Columbia School of Law. Having the knowledge from the two fields, Sam started his career in the legal industry in 2001 as an attorney and an advisor in Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Folm, LLP & Associates, where he worked for almost six years.

According to, Sam Tabar held the position of a Managing Director at Sparx Group, a reputable company with its headquarters in Japan. Being the first company in the financial field for Sam to venture in, he made tremendous accomplishments like building a huge clientele base from around the world.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar also served at Merrill Lynch as the Director and the Head of the Capital Strategy. Currently, Sam is the Chief Operating Officer and a respected Partner at FullCycleFund. He undertakes administration roles in addition to handling legal, tax, accounting, and compliance issues.

Sam Tabar is a social and adventurous person and can communicate in several languages. In his social platform, his inspirational and motivational words reveal his ambition to encourage entrepreneurs and investors to have the audacity to push themselves to the next level of their careers or business. The advice he gives is immeasurable, and a great number of business leaders look up to him for guidance.

Sam has had numerous accomplishments in his career, and the one that has touched the lives of the community as a whole is the FullCycleFund’s main role of minimizing the emission of harmful carbon gas and supporting the use of eco-friendly energy.

The company also gives capital for buying or manufacturing machines meant to help achieve that goal. Besides, he appreciates the need to uplift the disadvantaged in the society, and as a result, he engages in numerous philanthropic missions.

For instance, he founded SheThinx, a feminine hygiene company that helps poor women in the society. Through SheThinx, Sam Tabar has been able to play a significant part in the distribution of essential supplies to the needy.

Dick DeVos Opens Up On The Families Philanthopy Donations

The media’s obsession with the Devoses spans back many years. After all, the family has donated close to $140 million to various charitable courses they happen to be passionate about. Time and time, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has come under sharp criticism and attacks from mainly the Democrats.


The Devoses have used their powerful networks and immense wealth to change the charter school policies not only in their home state, Michigan but all over the nation as well. Speaking in a recent interview on Philanthropy Round Table, Betsy confessed how she and Dick were delighted by the incredible progress their programs made in the state of Florida since 2013.


Transparency is Paramount


To brush aside the cynicism of the naysayers, Dick and the family publicly revealed all the money they had given out to the Super PAC’s and the lobbyists in the last electioneering year. This was all part of their broader agenda to become more transparent and candid about their past, present, and future.


Forbes Magazine mostly renowned for listing the wealthiest cats of them all also has a list of the top charity givers. This list is populated by the likes of the Buffet’s, Gate’s, Zuckerberg’s and the Devoses. As of February 15, 2017, Forbes claimed the 24th place of the most charitable families in the world.


Pro-Choice Agenda


The bulk of the donations doled out by the DeVoses go into funding lunch voucher programs in private schools. Dick believes that the government has failed in addressing the needs and wants of students studying in private schools in the nation. The system is biased, and it only sees the interest of the public schooling system. Dick and the wife also believe that the American public school system is obsolete and parents ought to have choices in the schooling for their kids. Their children went to best private schools, and that’s among the major motivational aspects driving them to want to make a difference in the lives of others.


About Dick DeVos


Born Richard Marvin DeVos Jr on October 21st, 1955, Dick is a reformer at heart. Since way back in the early nineties, he and the wife, Betsy DeVos were already making a positive impact on something they felt passionante about: Private education system reforms. In 2006, Dick was one of the gubernatorial aspirants in Michigan. He was, however, taken out by Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat. Dick DeVos started working at his father’s software firm in 1974. He rose up the ranks to become Amway V.P by 1984. Dick DeVos heads various leading companies like Windquest Group and the Willow Creek Association.


Wine Investing Is Made Easy Through UKV PLC

What Is UKV PLC And What Do They Do?

UKV PLC is a British wine consulting and brokerage firm. They are incorporated in Surrey, England and have a branch in London. The company is made up of a team of wine appraisers, brokers and consultants.

For the person looking to invest in wine, UKV PLC offers the investor all of the services they would need in order to make a successful investment in wine. The company offers wine storage for investors of wine in a secure, insured and climate controlled warehouse in England. This secure, insured and climate controlled storage solution is offered via a partner of UKV PLC and the wine investment can also be bonded to make it tax exempt.

Besides storage for wines for both personal consumption and investment, UKV PLC is a broker that has access to some of the world’s most exclusive stocks of wine. The company also has connections with other wine brokers and collectors who are looking to sell vintage wines at market prices. You will be hard pressed to find a better partner to help you locate a specific vintage or rare wine for your own personal wine collection or to add to your wine investment portfolio.

For the person looking to sell wines, UKV PLC can act as a personal broker, that will sell wines on your behalf to other collectors or investors. Or, if you are looking to sell any vintage wines you may have, UKV PLC can buy them from you and offer you a fair market price. All wines that are going to be sold to or by UKV PLC will need to be appraised first to determine authenticity and quality.

These are just some of the wines that can be obtained through UKV PLC. Bourdeux, Burgundy, Champagne, Spanish and Italian wines are currently being sold. You can browse the selection of wines at UKV PLC official website or contact them at 0207 4718030.

Julie Zuckerberg And The Importance Of Talent Acquisition

Some people work to have it all. Nowadays, being young is no impediment to being a multi-tasking, highly demanded professional. When it comes to the finance market recruiting scene, Julie Zuckerberg is the go-to professional for big companies when looking for a new talent to fill the posts in global companies.


The services of external professionals are used by prudent companies for legal, accounting and other special needs. Executive Recruiters should be seen in the same way: as specialists who have the ability to identify the best candidates to fill important positions within the company. Executive Recruiters provide confidentiality, an extensive network of contacts, objectivity in candidate evaluation, and negotiation expertise. Julie Zuckerberg has over ten years of experience and has escalated the corporate ladder since her days in the New York-Brooklyn College, and the New York Law School.


She started her professional career in Hudson as recruiter, where she then went on to the Citi Group as a Vice President and recruiter, before going on to the New York Life Insurance Company, where, she drove the transactions and advancement of complex employment offers including value buyouts, varied honors, movement, and clawbacks. Throughout her professional career, she has maintained the philosophy that the right person in the right position can be a vital asset in the success of a company. She is also a firm believer in constant training and updating; she is a coach to her team and a leader when it comes to managing human resources.


Currently, she is working in Deutsche Bank as the Head of talent acquisition, where she is putting her best abilities to work. She joined in 2015 and had quickly climbed the professional ladder. She works together with business pioneers from the private sector and global companies to drive worldwide ability obtaining methodologies and process change. Julie plays an extensive variety of roles and heads diverse duties as the Head of Talen Acquisition, going from business administration to recruitment and from customer administration to guaranteeing best practices in enrollment administration inside the organization. Additionally, she leads managing groups and coaches her team on the best new practices for companies in the financial industry.


She understands that people are the most important assets of a company. They can make or break the fortunes of a business. Executive Recruiters can deliver to the right people for today’s highly competitive business environment. Also, she has had the opportunity to work with top-notch recruiters and executives, serving as great mentors for improvement and assessment of knowledge and new training of the current state of the headhunting scene. On top of her professional performance, she is an avid amateur photographer, a runner and is engaged in social action with causes like animal welfare as well as civil and human rights. With active social profiles, Julie Zuckerberg stays on top of the scene, also organizing conferences and coaching sessions for people in and out of the industry, seeking a better effectiveness of such a competitive market.

The Growth of the Reputation Management Industry

As the internet has become more accessible to regions around the world, more and more individuals have access to not only goods and services, but also have access to information and to reviews and comments about these provided goods and services. As the internet has expanded, another industry has continued to grow at an exponential rate in order to help grow the small to medium-size businesses around the world world. This industry is the online reputation management industry that protects the reputations from negative comments or reviews that can often plague a growing business. The online reputation management industry has increased in demand over the past several decades and has become a necessity for not only businesses, but also individuals who are constantly in the eye of the public. Of the many online reputation management industries that have continued to expand, one company in particular has become the favorite among thousands of individuals and businesses all over the world. This company is known as Status Labs.

Status Labs not only offers excellent and creative solutions to promote a business reputation as well as the reputation of an individual, but also works hard to make sure that the customer service is of the best quality. With offices that are located in both North America as well as in South America, Status Labs is a company that is easily accessible and has already helped over 1,500 clients in 35 different countries. The management team at Status Labs works hard to combine the media and human interaction to make the best possible solution.

The current leader of Status Labs is a man who is well known and well respected within the online marketing industry. This individual is Darius Fisher who has brought innovation to the marketing industry. In recent news, Darius Fisher has been recognized for his achievement by becoming the recipient of the Business Development Individual of the year award, an award that is only given to the most creative and innovative individual within the marketing industry. With this award, Darius Fisher hopes to expand the reputation of his marketing company around the world.

Michael Zomber; a history and antique armor expert

Michael Zomber is a man of many passions and interests, but it is his love for history that has given his the celebrity status.

He has been in the business of collecting antique arms and also armors for the last 40 years. His experience in the matter has gained him respect from other historians and created a great reputation. In many different times, Michael has shared his experience with different channels including the History channels.

He has been recognized on the international front for his knowledge on the Japanese Samurai swords.

He has shared his experience in other ways like writing books. He has written different books that tell of different tales. His different history novels that include; Shogun Iemitsu, Jesus and the Samurai which explains the link between the Christianity and the traditional samurai virtues, sweet Betsy that’s me, Park Avenue which is an account of the world art auctions and the soul of Kentucky.

There are other books that are waiting to be published like the Soul of Samurai a story of Newtonian and Einstein journey in the physics world.

In September 2016, Michael zomber came across a Bowie Knife which is believed to have been used to assassinate John Brown. This is a great artifact that shaped history. When asked about the rumors about a possibility of him writing a book about John Brown, he neither confirmed nor denied rumors. He only responded by saying that the knife inspired him.

It is not the only history that he has been involved in. He has participated in different philanthropic works. Most of his philanthropy works are based on his love and passion for peace and conflict resolution. The different organizations that he has been involved in include; global exchange and organization that is focused on social, economic and environmental, Amnesty International, Randolph Bourne Institute, UNICEF, the Disabled American Veterans, The smile train, Doctors without Borders and Get Lits.

In 1998, together with his wife Andrea they established the Renascent films. This film house has been involved in the distribution of La Cucaracha. They have also produced a documentary under the Soul of Samurai.

Hussain Sajwani Strengthening Ties With the United States


Hussain Sajwani is considered to be one of the most successful men in the United Arab Emerites. His success stems from his background in education within the United States and his ability to take small companies and scale them into global economic forces. His achievements range from being a successful CEO to undergoing real estate deals with the most powerful man in the world, Donald Trump.


The Business Evolution of Hussain

His skills and the skills of businessmen who are consistently developing the Mideast make him a must watch on the global radar. What are exactly Sajwani’s greatest achievements? Examining his deals with DAMAC and GASCO is a great way in which to gain insight into a man who has set his sights on the future of business and never looked back.


The Success of DAMAC

One of Sajwani’s greatest accomplishments, DAMAC started within the Mideast as a catering company that specialized to work with businesses across the globe. His work with DAMAC has allowed Sajwani to expand his ownership within the company to be roughly 85% thus allowing his worth to skyrocket upwards of 3.5 billion dollars and with the company itself being worth and estimated 4 billion dollars. DAMAC has allowed Sajwani to take his skills involved with capital investment and business trade to higher levels, establishing himself as the premier businessman in all the United Arab Emirates.


Strengthening Relationships With the U.S.

Believing in the art of the deal Sajwani has struck up many business deals in real estate with American President Donald Trump. At the time of his real estate expansion, Donald Trump was looking forward to going big and expanding in the UAE as he had heard there was a growing market there. Sajwani looking forward to making closer relations to United States businessmen and hence strengthen bonds, seized the moment and struck a real estate deal that would historically create a stronger relationship between himself and the now President Trump, in this way poising the UAE to be in better negotiation positions with the U.S..

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Julie Zuckerberg the Executive Recruitment Guru

Julie Zuckerberg is a household name in talent acquisition and management in New York. She has climbed the career ladder in recruitment since 2002. With a Law degree from The New York law School. Julie has handled recruitment in various law firms and financial institutions. Before changing her course, Julie studied Philosophy at The City University of New York. Julie’s job description involves designing recruitment strategies, legal advisory on contacts, training her recruitment team, recruitment process improvement, negotiating senior managing director offers, interviewing and succession planning.


Work history and professional accomplishments


Julie Zuckerberg has over 15 years of work experience in various organizations. She is currently the Executive Talent Acquisition lead at Deutsche Bank where she has worked since 2014. Three years before joining The Deutsche Bank, Julie worked for New York Life Insurance Company as the Corporate Vice President and executive recruiter. She spearheaded recruitment process of the Company across the country. She worked for the insurance company for five years. Julie was the Vice President and Executive Recruiter for Citi six years before joining the New York Life Insurance Company. At Citi Global Functions, Julie she sourced for talent and provided leadership on recruitment processes. Hudson was where she began her extemporary recruitment career as The Director of Candidate Placement. She recruited various professionals in the legal field such as attorneys, paralegals and support staff.


Personal accomplishments and hobbies


Julie Zuckerberg is known for her Philanthropic activities. She is a known advocate of human rights and a fierce animal rights activist. She particularly speaks for the marginalized people in the society. Julie, as a career person is a role model to young people wishing to follow her career path. She mentors and coaches new employees as well as her professional team of experts. This gives her great leadership skills. When human beings are involved, conflict is bound to rise. Julie is in charge of conflict management. This makes her an approachable person and a problem solver. Julie Zuckerberg has a great social life outside the boardroom. She is a lover of culture and appreciates art. She enjoys running to keep fit after enjoying her share of the cake. Julie has a great interest in photography. Julie can be found on Twitter as @ JulieZuckerberg. Her professional profile on LinkedIn listed under her name is a great platform to socialize with her and get to understand her career journey better. Organizations have become employee-oriented. This has led to productivity increase in most corporates due to employee motivation, a practice that was earlier neglected. Julie is interested in incorporating technology to increase human efficiency by reducing manual workload. Any individuals with interest in financial services job, a lead executive recruiter can offer tremendous help. With such rich and diverse experience paired with her education background. Julie is arguably the best executive recruiter in New York.

Town Residential Growth

If you are in the real estate market looking for a new home, you may be surprised to learn about all of the new buyers on the market. With internet rates so low, many people are looking to take advantage of this time in locking in a low rate mortgage for many years. This has caused a lot of new buyers to enter the housing market. If you are someone who wants to take the next step in your finances, this is a great first step. Buying a home is usually a good investment, as home prices appreciate over time while you pay off the debt. There are a lot of people who want to take their investing to the next level in this area.


Town Residential


There are a lot of companies that claim to care about their customers. However, few companies can back it up like Town Residential has over the past few years. The company has expanded its locations, and it is now in ten different areas that it has built over the past three years. Over the long term, this growth will help the company take things to the next level in their plans. If you want to work with a company that can help you make the right decision, this is the company for you.


Buying a Home


Instead of taking this approach, you need to make sure you understand the overall real estate market and how you are going to approach the situation. There are a lot of people who are looking to purchase a home right now, so you may have to be patient in finding a home that fits your needs. Over time, a lot of people are happy with the service they receive from Town Residential in this area.


Future Growth


Town Residential is poised for a lot of growth in the future. With a strong customer base and a growing real estate market, a lot of people think that Town Residential will be ready to take the next step in the business as soon as they expand. With all of their new locations, the company will be able to service more customers than ever before. This is a great example of a company having success because they serve customers the right way. If you want to start investing in your future with a real estate purchase, this is a great company to work with. Town Residential has built a great reputation by taking things to the next level in their area with customer service. They were one of the first adopters of online commerce with real estate, and that is helping to drive growth.