The Looming Threat To Your Personal Cyber Security

Personal cyber security is being threatened more than ever before.


In May of 2017, WannaCry ransomware attacked over 300,000 computers and other devices on a global scale. It is known as one of the worst cyber attacks in modern times ( Organizations are being called to tighten their personal cyber security measures, in order to protect people’s finances, computers, and sensitive information. Politicians and elections are also being threatened by potential breaches in cyber security.


As someone who knows the consequences of being hacked, I choose Rubica to protect my personal cyber security.


Rubica is a modern, advanced app with a 24/7 team to keep you protected from cyber attacks and threat of ransomware. Rubica monitors your data across all of your devices and shows you instantly updated activity graphs of your data and cyber usage (Twitter). Rubica provides analysis in real-time from a team of dedicated experts in order to keep your sensitive information out of the hands of cyber criminals.