Whitney Wolfe Creates Strong Dating App

When it comes to building the right dating app for young adults it is going to take some research to find out what an audience of single people are looking for. It is not always so easy to determine what single men and women are interested in. That may be one of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe took her time when she was creating Bumble.

She wanted to do the research and actually see what would appeal to young millennials that were trying to find a different strategy to finding a mate.

Now that Whitney Wolfe has taken the time to research the concept of dating apps even more she has become a much more enlightened person for the dating app environment. Wolfe created Bumble and managed to spark a whole new wave of conversation about dating apps. The main thing that many people have noticed with Bumble is that this is an app that puts women in the driver’s seat. This is a major topic of discussion because it has not really been done before. The reason that it has not been a priority before is because men have always been at the center of dating app development.

Whitney Wolfe is taking a bold step in helping women get a voice when it comes to dating apps. She has taken it upon herself to create a dating app that is different from everything else that is in the mainstream right now. No one may have guessed that she would have the same type of buzz that Tinder had a while ago, but it appears that this is exactly what she has been able to do with the Bumble app. It is obvious that there is a connection between Bumble and Tinder because Tinder was a dating app that Whitney Wolfe co-founded. Now she is reaping the benefits of luring the same fan base with the creation of the Bumble dating app. People already know her work, and they have become much more inclined to patronize Bumble because they know what Whitney Wolfe was doing with the creation of Tinder.